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“The sessions I have been attending have improved confidence in my strength”  – Ian, Durrington November 2020

“I have found the sessions very helpful for both my physical and mental wellbeing and the sessions are very enjoyable.   I find the sessions are run well and i am enjoying going” – Helen, November 2020

"These sessions have been extremely helpful to me. For my physical and mental health. I looked forward to the twice weekly sessions, l wouldn't have thought once a week would be enough. And these classes are very enjoyable, I have met new friends who after lockdown I hope we can get back together. 

St Richards Church hall in Durrington is quite good and convenient for me.

Very pleased to have Emma with us too". - Ellen, November 2020

“ I am enjoying the zoom sessions and finding them very helpful and enjoy interacting with others” – Sue, November 2020

“Firstly, sorry I can't do zoom with you guys. (Technophobe). Yes, I'm liking the exercise classes. Yes, its helping my wellbeing even though my breathing if still iffy after getting a virus in June. Keep well and safe.
Janine, November 2020

“ I have found the sessions helpful to both my physical and mental well-being, the sessions are enjoyable and I look forward to them. I am happy with the venue other than I find it cold with the door open. As I am on blood thinners I feel the cold badly” – Chris, November 2020

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